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Are we going to catch fish?

I get this question a lot. I never guarantee fish. As an instructor/guide I will always work to put my guests in a position for success but in the end it comes down to my guests ability to hook and land fish.

I've never been fly fishing before is it hard to learn?

Using a fly rod on the Salmon River during the fall is nothing like dry fly fishing for trout on the Delaware. We are using 7wt 11'6" switch rods with skagit heads to help propel casts further. The setups you will use are very user friendly and before long you will become a skagit master.

If we do happen to catch fish can we keep them? Will you drag them out for us?

Keeping fish is entirely up to my guests. During salmon season you are more than welcome to keep your limit of 3 salmon in any combination of King and Coho salmon. ALL trout species and atlantic salmon are catch and release.

No. You can't Brag if you don't Drag.

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