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About Our Trips

Up N Adam Guide Service caters to fishermen of all ages and experience levels. Whether you are interested in learning, improving your skills, or just looking to get out and have a fun day on the water, we offer an experience you'll never forget.

Rates are as follow

Fall Salmon - a min of 2 guests from September 15 - October 15th

2 guests - $650 (price includes access pass to DSR) -Full Day Trip

3 guests - $975 (price includes access pass to DSR) - Full Day Trip

4 guests - $1300 (price includes access pass to DSR) - Full Day Trip

Steelhead (Fall to Spring) - Max of 3 guests. Larger groups will require another guide.

1 guest - $300* - Full Day Trip : $150* - Half Day

2 guests - $500* -Full Day Trip : $250* - Half Day

3 guests - $750* - Full Day Trip : $375* - Half Day

4 guests - $1000* - Full Day Trip : $500* - Half Day

For groups larger than 4 guests, another guide would need to be hired. Here is an example if there were 6 guests in a group - $1,500* - Full Day Trip

*During Fall Salmon and Fall Steelhead I guide ONLY on the Douglaston Salmon Run. There is an addition fee for your daily access pass.


Spring Brown Trout on the Lake - Max 2 guests

Both Full and Half Days available. Please refer to Steelhead.

Bass and Musky Trips - 1 guest (COMING SOON!)

These trips will be available in two different locations. 

Spring Smallmouth - Will take place on the Salmon River in NY from Late April to Early June.

Spring/Summer Bass  - Will take place in West Virginia close to Huntington.

Musky Trips - Will take place in Huntington, WV


Upon reservation you will receive a link that takes you to the following pages.

- Lunch & Equipment Questionnaire

- Liability Waiver

- Equipment Checklist

These links can also be accessed through clicking on the 


Fall Salmon 


Fall Steelhead Trip

More Info

Winter Steelhead Trip

More Info
Image by Sara Kurfeß

Spring Brown Trout


Spring Steelhead

Coming soon

Spring Smallmouth

Coming Soon

Late Fall / Early Winter Musky

Coming Soon

Late Winter / Early Spring Musky

Coming soon

Spring / Summer Bass

Coming Soon
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